The Role of Carpet Cushion

Why should you install carpet cushion? What is the main benefit? Learn here!

the role of carpet cushion

Carpet without padding is something that you do not want to experience. There are many benefits to having carpet padding which is why many people do not decide to forego it when they are installing their carpet. Continue reading to learn what carpet cushions are and why you need them. 

What Are Carpet Cushions? 

Carpet cushions go below carpet when they are installed. After installation, you won't see the cushion anymore, but you do feel them and benefit from them. They fit under the carpet and are typically made of a spongy material that is not as thick as the carpet. 

Protection from Damage 

One of the biggest benefits of having carpet cushions under your carpet is that they are perfect for protecting the floor below from abrasion and even the traffic from above. It simply adds another layer of protection so that if you ever wanted to bring the subfloor up, you could still do so. It also helps with not having to replace the subfloor should it become too damaged. 


One of the hidden benefits that people do not often consider is that adding a carpet cushion can also help with the insulation in their home. By just adding this one layer, you can make your house stay warmer and reduce your energy costs for years to come. It even makes walking on the floor quieter because of the added insulation. 

More Comfort 

Usually, homeowners believe they need carpet cushion is to make the floor a bit softer for them to walk on. While this is a great benefit, it is not the only one, as you can tell from the previous benefits listed in the article. When you are choosing your carpet, making sure you choose the right carpet cushion is also just as important. You should take some time to make sure that you are choosing the right one to fit your needs.