Hardwood vs. Laminates

In this article, we examine hardwood and laminate in detail to guide you in your purchasing decision.

hardwood vs laminates Mississippi

Many homeowners are moving towards hardwood and laminate floors and leaving carpet behind, but are there any benefits to them and what would they be?  In this article, we examine hardwood and laminates in detail to guide you in your purchasing decision.

Benefits of Hardwood

There are many benefits of hardwood flooring that include not going out of style and lasting for generations to come.  They also look great regardless of your décor, and they are easy to keep clean.  If something happens to the floors, they are easy to be restored simply by being sanded and refinished.

They are also a natural type of insulator while they also add to the structural strength of your home.  There is not another type of flooring that can mesh well with any décor and in any room like hardwood flooring.  There is an abundance of colors, grains and even styles to choose from too.

Hardwood flooring doesn’t confine things like allergens, animal dander, dirt or dust, so that means that they are also a healthy option for your family. 

Benefits of Laminates

Laminate flooring is incredibly fashionable.  It is a healthy and durable choice that gives you the look of luxury flooring for less money.  Laminate flooring is also a choice that is environmentally friendly.  It is resistant to scratches too.  Also, even if it is exposed to direct sunlight, it will not fade for years to come.  This type of flooring is also resistant to chemicals.  You can remove even the toughest stain by using acetone while not needing to worry about it damaging the floor.  Even when burning embers fall on a laminate floor, they will not leave discoloration or marks.

Are you overwhelmed by the benefits of both types of flooring? Visit our store today and one of our flooring experts will help you find the best option for your home.