Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Upton-Neal-Carpet-One-Pearl-MS-Hardwood-Floor-RefinshingDoes Your Wood Floor Need to be Refinished?

Your hardwood floor has served you well over the years. It’s durable, easy to clean, comfortable, and it looks great… or does it?

You may be noticing that your floor has taken some abuse over the years and doesn’t look like new anymore. Maybe you like the weathered look, as it gives your floor character. The important thing to remember is that your floor needs to have a proper finish to ensure that it stays protected. Your floor’s finish is what stands between the wood and everything that can destroy it, so if your floor’s finish has worn, you may need to refinish your floor.

A good rule of thumb to test whether your floor needs to be refinished is to place a few drops of water on the floor. If the water beads on the surface of the wood but doesn’t soak into it, then your floor’s finish is still doing its job. If the water soaks into the wood, then your floor’s finish is not adequately protecting your floor from moisture and staining and you should refinish your floor.

A good way to prevent your floor’s finish from being damaged is to sweep it daily and vacuum or dry mop it weekly. This will get rid of any dirt particles that would scratch your floor. It is also helpful to use gliders underneath the legs of furniture so that they don’t scratch your floor’s finish either.

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