Flooring Installation

Upton-Neal-Carpet-One-Pearl-MS-Flooring-InstallationOur Experts Are Here to Transform Your Home!

When it comes to home improvement, a lot of people prefer to do it themselves. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction you get after successfully completing a project that you did on your own without having to hire someone else to complete. However, sometimes issues can arise for do-it-yourselfers that they did not foresee that can turn the project into a disaster. Upton-Neal Interiors, Inc. recommends our expert installers to install your new floor so you don’t have to. Our staff is experienced in installing all types of floors using all installation methods including glue-down, nail/staple installation, floating floors, and stretch-in carpet installation. We stay by your side every step of the process, from when you walk into our store, to the actual installation of your new floor. We recommend that you allow us to bring the materials into the room at least 24 hours before the installation will take place. This will allow your new floor to get acclimated to the temperature and humidity of the room to reduce the likelihood of issues arising in the future due to expansion or contraction in your flooring material.

Our professional installers are experts in all installation methods in addition to sanding, finishing, and staining. We equip our staff with the best equipment that allows them to get the job done faster and better. You can take comfort in knowing that Upton-Neal Interiors, Inc. in Pearl, MS will be giving you excellent service during your search for a new floor.