COREtec Products

Discover the revolution of luxury vinyl at Upton-Neal.

Carpet OneAre you considering luxury vinyl as a flooring option for your home? Make sure you check out COREtec, one of the top luxury vinyl brands we carry at Upton-Neal Carpet One Floor & Home. This brand is becoming the new trend among homeowners because of its great style and unique construction. Discover more about COREtec's features here.  

The Strongest Construction

COREtec’s distinctive feature is their unique and patented construction. Unlike other luxury vinyl flooring options, COREtec floors have a special core structure. This structure provides strength, support, and dimensional stability to the entire floor. With the core structure, COREtec floors are waterproof, so they will never expand or contract in moist settings. Plus, the core structure protects the individual COREtec planks so that they will never break or collapse from foot traffic or other impacts. Besides their structure, COREtec floors have an attached cork underlayment that functions as the bottom layer. This underlayment, because of its cork construction, is relatively soft and flexible, so COREtec floors are rather comfortable and quiet underfoot. Moreover, the cork underlayment makes it possible to install COREtec floors over most subfloors, even those that aren’t perfectly flat. Many other luxury vinyl floors can only be installed over flat and even subfloors.

Beautiful Floors

COREtec floors are made to resemble real wood and stone floors. Because COREtec relies on innovative design technology, these looks are truly authentic. So, since COREtec floors are exceptionally durable, they are great for adding the natural beauty of wood or stone to areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

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