Carpet Cleaning


A clean and fresh carpet can brighten up any space and make it feel more inviting. A proactive approach can keep your carpets looking new for years, and can help extend the time between professional carpet cleanings. With that in mind, here are a few of the best carpet maintenance tips we can offer:

Stop dirt before it starts:

Don’t wear shoes on your carpet. Every bit of dirt, oil, and garbage that you walk across outside each day touches the soles of your shoes. Minute particles cling to the bottoms no matter how well you wipe your feet, and over time a buildup of these substances will cause carpets to look faded and dingy. Minimize the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked onto carpet by removing your shoes first (and making sure your guests do the same!) Putting welcome mats outside entrances will also reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked inside.

Vacuum and dust frequently:

We can minimize dirt, but we can’t eliminate it completely from inside our homes. Therefore it’s important to vacuum regularly – at least once a week, but two or three times per week is best for high-traffic areas. Dust right before you vacuum; otherwise what you don’t manage to pick up will scatter to the floor and be ground into your carpet. Over time this buildup will detract from your carpet’s appearance and require a more thorough carpet cleaning.

Treat spills immediately:

Spills happen, but you can avoid stains by applying a carpet cleaning product immediately and blotting up the excess liquid. You can also make your own carpet cleaner by mixing a quarter teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent (no bleach) with a cup of water. Spot test any cleaner first and always rinse completely with regular water.

Think about the sun:

Long-term exposure to sunlight can fade carpets over time. We all love bright, sunlight-filled rooms, but whenever possible use curtains or blinds to prevent direct sunlight from shining on your carpet. It’s difficult to restore sun faded carpet because it damages the carpet fibers in addition to lightening the color, so keep those curtains or shades down when the room is not in use.

Taking these easy steps now will mean you can enjoy your beautiful carpets for years to come!